Dr. Sarah Baker, Psychologist

About Dr. Sarah Baker

I obtained my M.Ed. and Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Toronto/Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, after completing an undergraduate degree in psychology at McGill University. I am a registered psychologist in the Province of Ontario, practising in the areas of clinical, forensic and counselling psychology. My work is primarily with older adolescents and adults. I have worked in a wide range of settings including university and college counselling centres, correctional facilities, and private practice. I have experience with a broad variety of client concerns such as mood and anxiety disorders, trauma-related issues including post-traumatic stress disorder, substance use concerns, self-esteem and relationship difficulties, emotion and behavioural regulation including anger management, bereavement, workplace stress, sleep disorders, and health related concerns such as persistent pain.

My philosophy of treatment is to strive to best meet the unique concerns of each client by blending a range of specific techniques with an underlying humanist perspective and emphasis on client rights and empowerment. I use specific therapeutic approaches including cognitive-behavioural therapy, solution-focussed strategies, emotion-focussed processing, and psychodynamic interventions, as well as client-centred and supportive/advocacy interventions as appropriate.